Easy Content Management – Update Your Own Site

What is Content Management?

Content Management is, basically, updating your own website. The days of treating a website as a precious pixel-perfect art form are long gone – what’s important nowadays is keeping your website content fresh and up-to-date.

Why ‘Easy Content Management’?

Hard-to-learn, clunky, content systems are out – if it’s a hassle you’ll never keep your site up-to-date. Most Incamedia websites are built on WordPress, a user-friendly blogging and website management tool – updating your site is as easy as writing a blog or posting on Facebook. That way you’ll be posting content to your website as it happens – you can even update from your smartphone!

Tailoring Your Experience

The WordPress dashboard already makes it easy to upload text and images, but here at Incamedia, we like to tinker ‘under the bonnet’ and make it even easier for you..

Take a look at the Home Live Art site – they manage lots of arts events, so we have built them special forms so they can enter new events quickly and easily. Here’s how the fantastic people at Home Live Art add a new event…

The image below shows part of an event page on their website (click to see the whole page):

Home Live Art Event

By creating special forms for you to add your information, we make sure that it’s easy for you to add new information without worrying about formatting.











To create this event, they first enter the main descriptive text using their WordPress dashboard, shown here:












Then we’ve given them special forms on the dashboard to enter specific event information like dates etc.











Next, they drag and drop images to upload them to the site..

Uploading images


They’re done. They click Publish and their new event is out on the web in seconds!


Actually, we’ve done a lot of other nice things to make their life easier – contact us for a proper demo and see how easy it will be to manage your own website